Death Note

To the angels above me

This morning, my back didn’t hurt. I was slightly taken aback, for it was seldom that my irksome habit of shifting constantly in my sleep, decided to leave for a while. As they say, flaws take time to fade but goodness is slow to embrace. However this morning, it took me time to comprehend if I was at all on the bed. It wasn’t one for sure. Was I building castles in the air or did the younger one push me to the floor? Well, marble hurts. But today, it didn’t. I forced my lids open, even though it was a ritualistic struggle each morning. As astonishing as it was, I saw cumulus clouds all around, as if I were surrounded by gigantic, fluffy, white cotton candies. I knew I loved them whenever mother took me to the fair, but today it felt I couldn’t take so much in. I got up in a dizzy state of mind, walking in an improper fashion, when suddenly I froze midway, baffled to the core. Beneath me wasn’t the marbled floor, nor was I sleepwalking on the bed. I found myself standing on a pedestal, the one made of white, fluffy clouds. They weren’t fragile, nor fleeting but powerful, serene in a bright blue summer. Far away, my eyes spotted something. I could hear the rush of free flowing water. As I sprinted towards the source of the sound with excitement at heart, I stood in front of a beautiful lake, which glistened in the time of mid-summer. I paused for a moment, as I looked up to see a vulture or two, towards the east side. Yet some others grouped together and roamed the heavenly ether. Where was I? Just then, a sudden call from a distance distracted my trail of thoughts. I turned to see a woman, dressed in clear white apparels, shimmering in the light of the day. I thought I saw a halo around her, but weren’t these supposed to be nothing but fantasy? I walked towards her, slow but cautious. Her brown locks fluttered in the warm air, as she stood there, smiling. She leaned forward and softly whispered to me, “Welcome home”. At that moment, I simply couldn’t understand what that phrase meant. I looked around, as if in a way of searching for something. Yes, I was looking for Dave, my little brother. Last I saw him, was when we stood hand in hand, until that unknown figure grabbed my hand and pulled me to a corner. I remember he panicked. I could feel a pool of thick, black blood form around where I lay. I didn’t know what happened but I knew I was hurt. But didn’t mum reach in minutes and brought me back home? Didn’t she say, “You’ll feel better after you wake up?” I still can’t find them. I didn’t hear the alarm burst my ears today. I didn’t feel mum caress my tangled hair. I didn’t hear Dave hurl funny but irksome abuses at me. Was I yet to wake up? Or will I never wake up again? I looked around one more time. There’s an unmatched peace all around, the birds hovering above seem like little angels guarding me. The murmur of the water feels like a harp from a distance, the clouds underneath feel comfortable and silky. I slowly walked back from where I had come. No, it wasn’t home, but the place where I lay. I now, loved my new home.

An interview by The Waking Writer!

Click on the link above to check out one of the most amazing interviews that I did with The Waking Writer, which is now published on her WordPress blog! I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and oh guess what!? We also talked about imagining a movie based on the book! Go check it out NOW!!!

Weekend live!

Hello everyone! I’m delighted to let you know that I have been invited as a guest speaker by Be Your Own Fierte, to speak on “The lack of reading habits in today’s generation”.

The session will be conducted via instagram live at 6 pm IST, this evening! You may directly join the live from their page on instagram, @beyourownfierte.

I feel overwhelmed with happiness and highly honored to have been given this opportunity to interact with people and talk on such a crucial topic which needs the maximum attention.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to join in at 6 pm tonight! See you there! 😀

A book feature!

Hello all! As many of you would know, my novella titled “The Ghastly Secret” is now out on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle Edition. Relating to the release of my latest title, I recently did an interview with the which is a media website. The link has been up on my previous posts.

Do check out the book feature which is now live on their page, by clicking on the link above!

Feel free to share it with your friends and family and spread the word, so the readers know of it!

Thank you for all your love and support, and I assure you this book won’t disappoint you, just like the previous one! 😉


Good evening people! Know that whenever I post something it’s ought to be a good news!

The paperback version is now available on for the Indian readers as well!!


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